Current Work

Encaustic and Archived Work

In my practice I work at organizing chaos, transforming and honoring the energy within materials. The elements that inform my work are: strong verticals, repetition, language, the form of a Native America Breast Plate, and messages revealed and concealed. The work is rich in process. Each iteration informs the next, and can include converting earlier work, or using the by-products of work in process.

Central to my aesthetic is paying homage to materials that are no longer in use. Such as things that were once ubiquitous in our society, now rendered obsolete. Family artifacts and ephemera are a part of my obsession.

The Native American Breast Plate, a cherished item in our family prop-house business collection, has been my aesthetic touchstone for decades. I find it compelling for its simplicity of form, and as an icon of power and protection.


PAPER TRAIL: Catalog of new work by Daniella Woolf available at Issuu.



HIGH STRUNG: Catalog of solo exhibition at Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson available at Issuu.