Totems Workshop

Totems – Mixed Media Sculpture as Story Tellers

What: Totems Workshop
When: July 22-23,  10-4
Where: Cabrillo College in Aptos
How: Register here : register by June 5th for discounted fees!

Totems have been used by many cultures to signify a kinship group. They can feature designs that function as supernatural beings, as family crests or to honor chiefs. In this workshop students will construct a totem that tell a story that may commemorate a person, a place, a special occasion, a memory, honor some material no longer in use (bank checks, library due-date cards) or simply transfigure materials into vertical sculpture.

High Strung at Conrad Wilde Gallery


Students are asked to bring materials that have personal or familial significance to incorporate into their totem. They can be photos, letters, artifacts, fabric, wood, etc. These items will be formed into bundles and spacers to create continuity and variety. They will be assembled to be free hanging in space, strung with waxed linen and hung with an “S” hook.

A workshop for those who have stories to tell, personal objects they want to shape into art, or who love to sort, arrange and organize.
Register here on the Cabrillo Extension website : register by June 5th for discounted fees!

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