Stencil Girl New Releases-Fall 2017

These are the three new stencils released for Stencil Girl Products for fall of 2017. On the left is Art Party, in the middle Coiled Wires and on the right Letters on a Box. You can buy them here. They are each 6 x 6 inches and each are $7. You might find it interesting to see the inspiration for these new stencils. The first photo was taken at the opening of The Art Party, which is a yearly show at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds. These strung “flags” were at the entrance to the fairgrounds, last September, in 2016.

The Art Party in 2016-entrance to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

The photo below is of Annealed steel wire that I spotted in a bin in a hardware store.

Annealed steel wire-photo at hardware store bin

This photo below is of my art piece. It is composed of family letters woven together and formed into boxes, then into a nine grid.

Lettes on box