New Releases at Stencil Girl Products

The photos below the inspiration for  my four new stencil designs coming out on May 12, for Stencil Girl Products. Three of them are from travels: one from Turkey and two from Vietnam. The fourth is taken from my artwork. They are all 6 x 6 inches square.


Turkish Wedged Stone
Turkish Wedged Stone (S370) is from a photo taken on a hike in Cappadocia. We saw many ruins containing lots of stone inlays. I thought these cylindrical shapes alongside the rectangular ones were great composition.  See the actual stencil or purchase  at Stencil Girl.













Paste Paper Composition
Paste Paper (S371) is a compilation of lengths cut out of several paste papers that I reconfigured. I think it makes a great stencil! See the actual stencil or purchase at Stencil Girl.







Reminiscent of a wonderful woven fabric, Brick
Factory (S372) was a from photo taken in Vietnam
of a wall of stacked bricks at a Brick Factory.
See the stencil or purchase at Stencil Girl.


This photo taken in Viet Nam at at Incense
Factory-a zillion red sticks, made for a beautiful
image. The stencil Incense (S373) is taken
from this photo.
See the stencil and purchase at Stencil Girl.

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