Let it Rip-Paper Workshop at MAH

What: Paper Worshop at MAH
When: Saturday, June 10 from 1-3 pm
Where: MAH, Museum of Art and History, Downtown Santa Cruz on Front Stree
How:  $75 donation to MAH- Here is the link to register. Please include Daniella Woolf Workshop in the body of your message.
Why: Because it’s fun!

Angry at someone who’s done you wrong? A friend, lover, colleague, business associate or family member? Politics? Got a Gripe? Are you mad as hell, and don’t want to take it anymore? Want to get it off your chest? Or are you experiencing unrequited love and are afraid to let the person know? Got a secret you’re afraid to talk about but need to get out?  Have a dream you haven’t revealed to anyone yet, but are having trouble containing?  Handwrite a letter and say everything you have fantasized about saying face to face. Then rip it, cut it, run it through the shredder and make art out of it. It is guaranteed to lower your blood pressure and make you sleep better. Here’s where we start-shredding them:


Then we start weaving them together in squares or rectangles.


You will create a paper object with lots of “ju ju” that is a prime example of reveal and conceal, some of my favorite components as I make art. Learn a cool hanging technique with magnets, or maybe burn the darned thing.

This workshop is based on the work entitled Family Portrait that was in the 2016-7 MAH Collections show. That piece is composed of many years of family letters that I inherited, which were written in anger, forgiveness, happiness and everything else. Here is dear Robbie Schoen, installing the piece at the MAH. 

Here is one I couldn’t shred-in my father’s handwriting, his remembrances, including the family tree.

You can bring family letters, photos, any paper items that you would like to transform. You can digitize or copy the document and use the original in your art. Or, you can simply come with your thoughts ready to go onto paper. Appropriate writing prompts will be given to inspire your writing. Here it is in scroll form:

All tools and materials are provided:

Paper•Writing instruments•Shredders•Scissors•Adhesives•piercing mats•needles and thread

There are still a few slots left. Workshop is $75. It is a donation to the MAH. Here is the link to register. Please include Daniella Woolf Workshop in the body of your message.