Encaustic Hot Palette Collage Workshop

What: Encaustic Hot Palette Collage
When: July 29-30, 10-4
Where: Cabrillo College in Aptos

How: Register Here:register by June 5th for discounted fees!

Happy Student with Palette Collage


Encaustic Palette Collage is fast, fun and easy. We use encaustic medium for our “glue” that can be worked, and magically reworked an infinite amount of times. If you don’t like your collage, you can simply reheat it, and move the elements, till you are happy with your composition. What glue do you know that will do that for you?


We use thin calligraphy paper for our base paper. This unique method, provides you with a quick way to make small collage elements that can be part of a large panel, elements for an installation, embedded in future work, or combined to fabricate a long scroll. You will use thin papers and fabrics and combine them into lovely translucent compositions. Unique hanging opportunities abound. Think layering beyond your wildest dreams! If youve taken the Tea Rust and Burn for Textile Artists, bring all your samples, scraps, large and small to incorporate into your Encaustic Palette Collages.


Register here on the Cabrillo Extension website : register by June 5th for discounted fees!