Encaustic and India Ink Workshop

What: Encaustic and India Ink Workshop
When: August 12-13, 10-4
Where: Cabrillo College in Aptos

How: Register on the Cabrillo Extension site

If you love black and white, this workshop is for you! We will be minimizing our color and material choices thereby expanding creativity. You will be able to control the India Ink, and discover how it can also be unpredictable. The ink can dry on the encaustic surface creating fractal patterns. It is permanent on the surface, and can also be deeply embedded. It can be painted, printed, stamped and written on the surface with various nibs and pens. This workshop will  allow you to delve deeply into the magic of India Ink on the encaustic surface.
Register here on the Cabrillo Extension website: register by June 5th for discounted fees!

India Ink stamp pads