Encaustic With a Textile Sensibility DVD-now streaming!

This DVD is now available streaming from Galli Video. For the first 25 people to order you can use this coupon for 15% off the $45 price. Have it forever, whenever you want it. Use this Coupon Sense15. Here’s the link! Enjoy-and stay tuned for a new instructional video coming in November!

New Art Crush-Maira Kalman

I saw her book, My Favorite Things at Bookshop Santa Cruz last Sunday night, on a staff recommended shelf. I watched a TED talk on her the next morning, and thenI bought all of her books they had at Bookshop Santa Cruz. Nothing like a good addiction, especially when it is also supporting the local … Read more

Lemon Love

I love lemon so much that I always request lemon meringue pie for my birthday “cake”. I am even OK if you omit the meringue and the crust! For me, it’s always about the food, so I’m going to offer you some of my very favorite dishes and recipes, with a lemon twist. Kim found … Read more