October 25-November 3, 2016- Magical Oaxaca–Day of the Dead
Honoring friends, family and ourselves and those that have gone before us.
Have you been downsizing? Are you in the de-acquisition phase of your life? Thinking about what you will leave for your family to sort through? Looking at boxes of old photos and wondering about the stories that went with them? Do you wish your departed loved ones were still here to tell you the stories?
The festive Day of the Dead week in Oaxaca, is the perfect time and setting to work with your personal artifacts and create meaningful new ways to display them. Experience the beauty, caring and humor with which the Mexican people celebrate their rites of communion between the living and the dead. With the backdrop of this vibrant culture surrounding us and filling our free evenings, we will celebrate our own history and traditions. Using paper, photos, fabric, and thread as primary art materials we will make our own offrenda (altars) and a book of our friends, family and those who made a difference in our lives.  We will tell stories visually, orally, and in writing and honor our loved ones (and ourselves).
My Pinterest site on Day of the Dead class inspiration.
This workshop was cancelled on July 8th, 2016.

November 18-20, 2016
The Encaustic Minimalist
Maiwa Textile Symposium
A 3 day workshop that uses very little equipment with big results. Students will work mostly on paper and fabric, and some wood panels. The primary tool we will use is a hot stylus pen with 6 tips designed specifically for Encaustic. Participants will explore the following techniques: collage, wax resist, mark-making, transfers and stencils. Learn how to work with a minimum of supplies go small and have it all! You will complete a book of all your experiments.
Registration opens in June:
This workshop is sold out

November 21-22, 2016
RusTEA Encaustic
Maiwa Textile Symposium, Vancouver, B.C.
This innovative 2 day workshop addresses the techniques of rusting on paper, fabric and directly onto the encaustic surface. We will also burn paper, fabric, and occasionally our substrates with a variety of tools, such as incense, torches, wood burning tools, and more. Rusting works beautifully on encaustic medium and encaustic paint. We will also experiment with rusted and burned paper and fabric as collage elements.You will complete a sample book of all your experiments.
Visit Daniella’s Tea and Rust and Burn Pinterest boards for samples.
Registration opens in June:
This workshop is sold out


NEW! Online workshop:
The Encaustic Minimalist

The Encaustic Minimalist videoThe Encaustic Minimalist: Doing More With Less is a wonderful new online workshop that includes hi-def videos, ebook pages, suggested products, and inspirational gallery slideshows. Get a feel for the workshop by visiting the workshop page and going through the “INTRODUCTION” section before ordering! Click here to VISIT THE ENCAUSTIC MINIMALIST.

BOOK: Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility

Encaustic with a Textile Sensibiltiy is a curated gallery show in book form, featuring the work of 23 artists working in encaustic with a textile sensibility. Designed by award winning Art Director/Designer, Carol Inez Charney–Encaustic With a Textile Sensibility is a museum quality book produced in gorgeous full color. It is sure to inspire artists working in any medium. From Waxy Buildup Press. Buy Now.

Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility

EncausticIf you enjoyed the DVD Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility you are sure to love this enhanced online edition that is complete with higher quality video, gallery slideshows, suggested projects, and the usual Daniella Woolf humor and inspiration!  Now even more like being in one of my workshops, only you can see things up really close! Suggested for people who are interested in taking a workshop, need a refresher after a workshop, or for those who are merely curious about this ancient technique. Filmed beautifully by Studio Galli, remastered and updated  by Daniella and Galli Publishing!
Now available for streaming from

Encaustic + Paper Workshop

online_encaustic-and-paperOriginally released on DVD, the online edition of Encaustic + Paper features Wendy Aikin, Judy Stabile, Daniella Woolf demonstrating a huge variety of  techniques using wax on paper with skill, proficiency and humor. This instructive 2.5 hour online workshop  is inspirational for beginners as well as seasoned artists.  Includes new gallery slideshow of artist work!

DVD: Encaustic + Paper

Encaustic and Paper DVD Wendy Aikin, Judy Stabile, Daniella Woolf demonstrate techniques using wax on paper with skill, proficiency and humor. This instructive 2.5 hour DVD is inspirational for beginners as well as seasoned artists. Available from Wax Works West.

DVD & Book: The Encaustic Studio

The Encaustic Studio by Daniella Woolf is a how-to book with an accompanying one hour DVD. It has gorgeous step out photos, 159 luscious pages, and has 9 projects. It is a great book for learning how to work in encaustic. It was published by Interweave/FW Media in 2012. Available from Wax Works West.

StencilGirl Products

Over 20 beautiful stencils designed by Daniella Woolf available at: